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London Island, Chile

For many tourists, seeing the blue waters and white sand beaches of the Chilean coastline is enough to make their trip worthwhile. But for those wanting a bit more off the beaten path adventure, a boat trip to some of Chile’s islands is just what they’re looking for. One such island is London Island, offshore the city of Valparaiso in the country’s west coast. London Island is a little known and seldom visited island which has been described as a "balm in the heart of Patagonia".

With stunning views of the city of Puerto Montt, it’s a nice place to go if you don't like many tourists, The London NET ( It doesn’t accept credit cards, but since I didn’t have any debit cards left after my last trip, I didn't mind too much. London Island is the largest of the Juan Fernandez Islands, the others being Alexander, Robinson Crusoe, and Santa Clara. They are under Chilean sovereignty (and protected areas), but belong to Valparaiso province.

The closest island to London is Alexander Island at 8. 5 miles, and Robinson Crusoe Island at 31 miles away. London Island is a small island located 60 kilometers off the coast of Chile. It is part of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, named after one of its famed residents, Alexander Selkirk. He was a seaman who remained on the island for four years, transforming into an immortalized figure of literature and legend. London Island is the second island in the north of the Juan Fernández archipelago, a small chain of islands with amazing biodiversity just of the coast of Chile.

Surrounded by turquoise waters, London Island covers about 3. 5 km2, and almost half its surface is occupied by a pine forest. High up in the Patagonian region of South America, you’ll find an uninhabited island called London Island. At first glance it doesn’t look like there’s much to do on the small island but if you’re a nature-lover or a thrill seeker, you might be surprised by what awaits you. It was not intended to be a landmark, but its distinctive shape has made it one of Londons most recognisable structures.

London, Arkansas

The official spelling of this name is actually London, but it's frequently misspelled as London, Arkansas. This misspelling doesn't come from people who live in London. No, you'll find it on a map in your average American school. There is no other London to be found inside the state of Arkansas, except for the one using this rare spelling. London, Arkansas is a small town with a population of just 87, so it's unlikely you've heard of it.

But have you ever wondered which other US towns are named after our capital?. People come from far and wide to visit London, England and now people from all over the US (and possibly the world) can visit London, Arkansas. Like everyone else, I was always fascinated when we drove past signs for London on the interstate. Here is a map of all the places in America named 'London'. The eponymous nickname comes from its shape, which is rather like a gherkin.

London, California

I was born and raised in London, Arkansas, and lived there till I started college. My hometown has a population of just over 20,000 people. When I was growing up there were only two black people (to my knowledge) in the town. But it wasn’t until I moved to California that I fully comprehended racial differences in America. Over the past month, a few friends and I have spent more time than we probably should have, watching YouTube videos about the small town of London, Arkansas.

It’s a fascinating hub of conspiracy theories: Sasquatch sightings, UFO sightings, and subterranean lizard men. London, California is a cosmopolitan city which is the cultural center for the Inland Empire. It’s very different to the London in Arkansas and I happen to be from that part of America which is why the title of this blog post brings about a sense of humour for me. The City of London is a trip. It's small, with a population of under 1000 people and little shops all over the place selling everything from Japanese goods to Mexican tortillas alongside the weird and wonderful chain stores you might expect in America.

London, Kiribati, Christmas Island

You see, according to the U. S Census Bureau, London is the most common place name across the entire USA with nearly 350,000 occurrences and topping even places like New York City.  And if youre not from the U. S., you probably never knew that London was used more than any place in America (apparently until 2010 pretty sure I missed that memo). But here's a weird thing about London, Kiribati, Christmas Island and New York City: They all have different time zones.

Dig a little bit deeper and youll see that this pattern holds true for every single city in the world. In fact, every place in the world road side diner, North Pole, Mt. Everest, your house- has its own unique time zone. I know, I know. Youre over the moon right now. But here comes the bad news: these countries are London based airports, all of which are less than 10 miles from where they tell you you were born on your passport.

Thats just not as fun as London. But theres no such place, is there?  London IS in England. Wait. It turns out London is not a non-U. S. capital. I’ve seen a few articles where people have talked about moving to London, Arkansas. But did you know there is also another London in California? And it’s not even in the UK! It’s near Los Angeles and has a very different demographic than Arkansas. I love travel.

London, Ontario

You've probably heard of the province in western Canada called Ontario. And, your probably recall hearing about the city in northern Japan called Osaka. Interestingly, both Ontario, Canada and Osaka, Japan are close in language and even closer in name: London, Ontario is pronounced just like the city of London in England while Osaka can be pronounced just like Los Angeles. The only difference is that London has an "n" at the end whereas Toronto doesn't (although historically it did).

Toronto and London are two of the biggest cities in Canada, so it makes sense that brand names would share a similarity. Maybe you’ve done some branding for a local business and been searching for a name that will give you an advantage over competitors in your area. Maybe you’re just curious how many other businesses have chosen a similar name to yours. Whatever your motivation, there is an interesting story behind the marketing decision to use similar city names in this fashion.

When it comes to naming a city, it’s hard to go wrong with London and Ontario. You might have heard that the population of London, UK is 8 million; while London Ontario has just over 400,000 people. With so many derivations of London out there, you must wonder how the two cities got such similar names. The name London dates back to before the Roman conquest. However, there are a couple of theories on why both places are named after the same city.

I've been reading a book by Rebecca Solnit recently, "A Field Guide to Getting Lost. "  In it she writes about London, England and "the notion that the world is divided between those who live on opposite coasts of the Atlantic, and others who reside in-between. "  Here in Southwestern Ontario we are pretty much the in-between province.  We have a lot of similarities with our Eastern neighbors and certainly historical ties to Western Canada.

You could've fooled me! I swear that my elementary school in the States taught us that Ontario and London don't rhyme. And now here I am, in London, Ontario (Canada, not England. It's just North of Detroit and Niagara Falls). Elysha Taylor, a writer for the University of Edinburgh newspaper, wrote an article entitled "Time to put an end to England’s city names. " She points out London, England and London, Ontario might as well be one and the same.

London, West Virginia

London Kentucky is a great little city in Laurel County that has much to offer. London was once home to the 'old'county jail. Local lore says that a woman jumped from the top of the castellated, crenelated, octagonal tower and landed on a fence. The London Lock is where you can see several types of boats pass including nuclear subs (when they make their journey around America's American lake). A good microlist entry about an unincorporated community with some information pertinent to the location.

One of the easiest to implement, and can appear on most keyword phrases related to the location of an unincorporated community, lending for broader keyword targeting. As the largest unincorporated community in the state of West Virginia, you can find a lot of businesses and restaurants here. If you want to see what an industrial small city is like, this is the place to be. This little settlement sprung up around a lock and dam, but is now reduced to silent streets.

London, Wisconsin

When the famous author, Sir Walter Scott, wrote Ivanhoe, one of his main characters was a knight from Windsor named Sir Kenneth of the Moors. Possibly it was the success of this novel that led to the naming of London. The first post office was established in 1855 when Peter Kinsley and Joseph Falber put an ad in the March 1st issue of the Mineral Point Journal for mail to be delivered to their store.

Then in 1870 Mary Burtley and William Upham were granted a license to sell intoxicating liquor at their home. Early postal records indicate that these first two businesses met their customers and received their mail at a log cabin near where London is now located. There are two places named London in the state of Wisconsin. The first, and oldest is located in Dane County on U-46. The second, and newest is in Marathon County.

Its city hall is situated just northwest of Wausau near the corner of State Highway 54 and County Road G, making it the second most populous community in Marathon County. (image from The first white settler of the area that came to be known as London in Portage County was Joseph Griffith. He had been recruited by Truman Everts and John Burrows for a fur trapping expedition; and in 1823 they ventured from Prairie du Chien to Fond du Lac in Wisconsin Territory.

On their return, they camped where the city now stands for a short period of time. The town of London was first settled in 1841 by a group from Palmyra, New York. At the time it was named Wolf Creek because of the wolves that roamed around the area. In 1846 the town name changed to London and has remained the same since then. It is thought that the town was named London due to the large number of settlers who were natives of London, England.

London (zip code 54940, latitude 45. 7660149, longitude 91. 0885628) is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Grant County, Wisconsin, United States. It has a mailing address of Bristol. The population was 1,224 at the 2010 census. So silent in fact that the area is home to a very successful urban camo program. I'm fortunate enough to have been to London at least a dozen times but until 2017 had never been to the other London in the United States: London, Arkansas.

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