Tallest Buildings And Structures In London

30 St Mary Axe, The City Of London

This is an iconic building and signature London attraction, so it’s no surprise that it makes this list. The building is 180m (591ft) tall, with 42 storeys and a distinctive shape unlike any other in the city. Practically visible for miles, it may have been built for a major insurance company but its success is also due to the fact that its applications as an office building could be configured in many ways. The unique design led to hundreds of architectural awards, including a RIBA national award.

There are also numerous places of interest nearby, The London NET (thelondonnet.co.uk). The City of London is a pretty unique place. It’s known as the Square Mile and it’s the financial heart of the UK, but even so it’s hard to believe that a large building like 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) could have been built there. It’s such an urban area and located in such a historic location. It really is amazing how they managed to fit this building into its urban surroundings.

One of the most noticeable structures in any city is the skyscraper. Now, skyscrapers arent too dissimilar from the office building that most people work, but have a defining characteristic that makes them stand out: theyre tall. Your average office building is quite stingy when it comes to height, but weve found some cases where it was a necessity. This building isnt much to look at if you ask me. Its far from unique, so I really cant see the attraction.

8 And 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf

Canada Square (known to many as Canary Wharf) is a business district in London, in the Docklands area. It comprises three buildings; 25 Canada Square or just Canada Square for short, 30 Canada Square and 1 Canada Place. The office space is owned by real estate firm, Canary Wharf Group. By virtue of its location near the River Thames and on the Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf is situated approximately five minutes away from the City of London.

These buildings could not be more different in build and structure. Built into a plot of young trees, 25 Canada Square is the new kid on the block. Completed in 2010, this megastructure houses several companies including the offices for Citibank, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The building cost a whopping £200 million to build, and sits alongside an elevated tube station directly accessed by the Docklands Light Rail. Canada Square, which is also known as the Canary Wharf Tower (but not to be confused with Canada Tower) was completed in 1991 but originally served as an American Express office block until 2002.

This building was jointly designed by Cesar Pelli and Associates and Ken Shuttleworth. Standing on the other side of the river is another Canary Wharf tower, 25 Canada Square, which stands at 245m (804 ft) tall. It's also the second tallest building in London. Built in 2005, it is headquarters for the media and telecom company 'Arqiva'. No. 25, standing on the opposite side of Canary Wharf tube station and designed by Cesar Pelli (the same guy who built the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur), was completed in 2003, nine years after No.

Heron Tower, Bishopsgate

The tower is still under construction and is expected to reach a final height of 235m (771ft).  The main contractor for this project was Sellar Property Group, who installed a 6,670m² (7,100yd²) facade system. This was built using five types of aluminium cladding which were attached to the steel frame. The cladding is made up of two different angles – varying from anodized aluminium at the beginning and end of each section, followed by flush mounted windows towards the middle.

At the top of the building, lightweight solar PV panels were installed providing roof top heating or 7% of the heating required in the building. Ascending 226m of structure, the Heron Tower is only two meters short of being London’s tallest building. The tower has 54 floors and has stood on the Bishopgate site since 2000 when it was constructed to replace Lloyd’s insurance company. However, not long after its completion, it became apparent that the new tower was unable to compete with Canary Wharf and the city’s tallest building was pushed back down into second place.

Heading into 2017, another new and impressive building will be joining this group as 20 Fenchurch Street is set to complete. This eye catching tower will stand at 235m (771ft) and will feature the UK’s highest public viewing gallery. It looks likely that at least one other structure will end up taller than Heron Tower, making it the second tallest building in the City of London. Prior to December 2011, the tallest building in the City of London was One Canada Square at 235.

3m (771ft). In a series of facts that may not be so clear to most people, we have One Canada Square taller than its sister building Canary Wharf. The Heron Tower was designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and developed by Heron International. The building has a height of 230m, and with 50 storeys, it s currently the third tallest building in the city. The 46 storey building cost the developer Heron International £410m to build, taking the title of the tallest building in the City of London financial district from it rival One Canada Square.

One Canada Square, Canary Wharf

While the tower is now only the eighth tallest building in the UK, it's still an impressive place to visit, and has in its time been beset with many myths. In this post, I will uncover the truth behind many of these urban legends, including how the building was designed, why so much glass was used on a London skyscraper and practical details such as how much space there really is inside. Located in Canary Wharf, the Docklands in East London, One Canada Square is surrounded by other buildings of the same design.

This iconic feature makes it hard to miss One Canada Square even from a distance and is one of the reasons why Canary Wharf has become so popular amongst tourists who are visiting London. It is the second tallest building in the UK, behind The Shard. Originally built for Canadian Bank of Commerce, it was first named "Canary Wharf Tower" before being rebranded "One Canada Square" after the bank's merger with Bank of Montreal. 8 and is also home to HSBC Bank.

St George Wharf Tower, Vauxhall

St George Wharf Tower, Vauxhall – The London Skyline is filled with some amazing skyscrapers. But this one really stands out because it’s the best view you can have from a high-rise building that also contains some really nice apartments and all of it is inside a listed building with a unique modern twist. This building is located by the river Thames, which features views of Canary Wharf, St Paul’s Cathedral, The O2 Dome and East London if you get a room on the east facing side.

An ugly duckling in comparison to the neighbouring buildings that grace the skyline of London this tower is at least popular with the owners. The flats are prized possessions, with some selling for as much as £15m. This is a massive contrast when you compare it to its beginnings in the 80s when it started off as an out-dated project that many thought would never be built. St George Wharf Tower, Vauxhall. This Docklands development is very popular with well-off young professionals, and even the cheapest of its 223 flats will set you back a cool £1 million.

The tower is part of an estate made up nearly 60 buildings which together make up Canary Wharf. The St George Wharf Tower has become an instant landmark with its unmistakable form and glass façade and is perhaps Vauxhall's most prominent building. It offers 58 units of affordable housing alongside 223 luxury apartments, topped with a striking waterside restaurant. St George Wharf Tower was designed by Arup Associates and cost a staggering £2. 3 billion to build.

It is also London's first Environment Agency official mixed-use building, which means it contains housing, commercial space and public leisure facilities. Over 250 flats this huge fairytale tower looms over the streets of Vauxhall. A project that took sixteen years to build, the intertwine story of planning permission and design arguments is detailed in depth on this dedicated site. There are a variety of skyscrapers in London and I think its fair to say that this one is more famous than the other ones.

The Leadenhall Building, City Of London

The Leadenhall Building is located in the City of London area of London in England which is also known as the financial and central business district. We are informed that it is known affectionately as The Cheesegrater because of its wedge shape and the fact that it has an open center to its upper floors which gives it the appearance of a cheese grater chimney. It was completed in 2013 and provides office and retail accommodation.

It replaced another tall building which was demolished to make way for this one. The Leadenhall Building, located in London, was designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and completed in 2014. At 225m (738 ft), it is currently the fourth tallest building in London by structural height, behind the Shard at 310m (1,017 ft), One Canada Square at 235 m (771 ft) and 22 Evelyn Street at 231 m (758 ft). It is also the second tallest square building in Europe, second only to Tour CIBC which stands two meters taller  and was constructed at a later date.

The Leadenhall Building located in London’s financial district known as the district of ‘The City’ is one of most iconic buildings in the world. It is a 225m tall structure that was completed in early 2013. After almost 3 years of having this tower standing in London, if you’re wondering what on earth it is doing there, I can share some facts about this building that potentially might interest you. The Leadenhall Building, also known as the Cheesegrater, is an insurance office building located in the City of London.

The Pinnacle (Bishopsgate Tower)

The London Pinnacle will become one of the city’s most important and iconic new landmarks. It will offer a collection of city centre living spaces unlike any other building, with lights that shine out across the capital during the evening. When construction is complete, residents of The Pinnacle will enjoy unrivaled views across the whole city, from Richmond and Kew in the South to Canary Wharf in the East, including all major sightseeing attractions including St Paul's Cathedral, Wembley Stadium and Centre Point! The sunlight reflected off the tower is set to be visible from 18 miles away.

Its unlikely you will have heard of the Pinnacle but when finished it will be the second tallest tower in London just behind the Shard at 309. 6m (1016ft) When finished, its developers say that the tower will house 220 luxury apartments and will be split up into three parts – a lower, a mid and upper section. Height restrictions were implemented by Antony Blond in his plans for the Barbican in order to ‘protect’ London from having such a tall tower while also offering an interesting contrast to the more modern buildings which surrounded it.

There are three skyscraper scheduled to be constructed in London upon completion after the Shard will be the tallest building in the European Union. The three towers include, The Pinnacle (Bishopsgate Tower), The Spiral (Moorgate Tower) and The Cheesegrater (Leadenhall Triangle Tower). The pinnacle is currently the biggest UK skyscraper under construction. This title will eventually be overtaken,with 231 Blackfriars now underway and due to be completed in 2019. It's an exciting time for London’s skyline as many new towers are set to be built in the near future.

No, thats not the title of my first published novel. But you might want to read on at the same time after I tell you that we’re talking about London’s second tallest building, and how much it will cost to become one of the highest residence in London. The Leadenhall Building is currently the 5thtallest building in London and still under construction. The tower was designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and is being built by Canary Wharf Group.

The Shard, Southwark

The Shard is one of the best and most impressive examples of London's current vogue for tall buildings. The current tallest skyscrapers in London are actually residential towers, such as the stupendous Tower 42, at 250 meters, One Canada Square at 235 meters and the Heron Tower at 231 meters.  But thanks to its enormous height, the Shard is now visible from almost anywhere in central London including many places that were previously unable to see it.

 [Photo1|Photo2|Photo3|Photo4|Photo5]. The Shard, Southwark. The current king of the London Skyscrapers is the fantastic looking Shard. Standing at309. 6m (1016ft)tall it is considerably bigger than anything else completed and currently in operation and is currently the tallest building in the EU. Constructed in the Neo-futurism style by architect Renzo Piano, the Shard was finished in July 2012 and contains 73 floors and 44 lifts. The main purpose of this blog is to tell the story of the construction of Europe's tallest building The Shard, from start to finish.

I'll post weekly updates as we progress on site with photos and videos of how things are going and regular updates on the latest news. The Shard is the tallest building in the EU! This building is also showing its great height, how do we use it to enhance our blog posts? And, why is building height relevant here? In this particular case post about skyscrapers. The Gherkin is one of the most recognisable buildings in London, standing at 180m (591 ft) and 30 St Mary Axe.

Tower 42, City Of London

Tower 42 is an exceptional piece of architecture designed by P & T Architects which represents the zenith of post-war British modernist design. The National Westminster Tower’s exterior is characterised by angular panes of glass and aluminium supported on a steel structure. It is probably most famous for it’s appearance in Die Hard With A Vengeance, starring Bruce Willis. The tower has also appeared in several other films including Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Skyfall, Now You See Me, and Seven Psychopaths to name a few.

Tower 42 is used as a business address for many companies. The open plan building offers a large variety of office space with two glass lifts. Its location on the western boundary of the City means there are many restaurants, pubs and cafes within walking distance. The tower has a unique viewing gallery on the 42nd floor where you can be with one of London's most iconic landmarks at your feet and an outstanding view across London.

Before diving into this article, I just have to clear one thing up first. In the publicity material for this tower, it says “The Tower 42 office building is the tallest in the city of London”. It isn’t. Technically, that title goes to One Canada Square, but like everyone else I always thought it was called Canary Wharf Tower. Now I have learnt my lesson and I never will again assume that what I know is what everyone else knows.

The tower, which is still home to NatWest’s international division of which I work in, is a prominent building in the City of London. It occupies one corner of the square mile with its neighbours being Moorgate Metropolitan and St Mary Axe. It’s almost identical in appearance to New Yorks One World Trade Centre, and has subsequently appeared in several TV shows including Doctor Who and Sherlock. Designed by the British engineering firm of Richard Seifert and built by John Mowlem & Co, Tower 42 is one of the best-known examples of the modernist style developed in Britain in the 1960s.

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